Printed poster or banner – how big is yours?

Say it loud and proud in print on a poster. Say it tall in print on a banner. Or say it small(er) in print on a leaflet, flyer, postcard. Whatever the size, whatever the format, there is still a lot of mileage to be had in the printed word when it comes to marketing.

From a practical perspective, much printed matter is portable and slips nicely through a letterbox, sits neatly in a leaflet dispenser, tucks into a pocket or handbag. More exciting is the creativity and choice that come into play when considering the material, design, colour to stimulate the senses of the reader. And of course there’s flexibility: something that will fold, or not? A voucher to cut out for a special offer maybe? Perhaps a personalised invitation that will be kept, or something cheap and cheerful that will be read, digested and thrown away?

Successful marketing draws customers in by grabbing their attention. Printed material works because users seek out the information rather than having it forced upon them or having it simply wash over them in an instantly forgettable manner. And if they didn’t catch it the first time, they can read it again. And again. And again.

And then there’s numbers. Today’s digital printing processes mean that it is cost effective to print tens of thousands of copies for the masses or just a handful for the chosen few. And digital reprints are a savvy financial choice – only having what you want when you want means less is spent on both printing and storage.

Print as a standalone medium can be highly effective in marketing; but you might want to consider integrating it with other media, for example Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or radio advertising, giving all aspects of your marketing campaign a boost. The options are endless.