Quality Assurance

Everybody at Copy Color Limited is constantly seeking to provide our clients with the best service and printed material within our industry.

Over the past 27 years we have developed a strong and reliable system for Quality Assurance within our manufacturing environment. From the moment we receive a project it is closely monitored through each stage of our production processes ensuring that the high standards our clients expect are consistently met.

Each department within our manufacturing facility has a department manager. These managers are responsible for ensuring that each project is fully supervised and constantly checked through each stage of production. Every project is issued a job number and when a job bag is raised so is a quality assurance tick list which needs to be completed at every stage of production and signed for by the operative who carried out the work. All jobs are then checked and signed off by the department manager before they can move onto the next stage of production. This method of quality assurance helps to ensure that projects are completed quickly and efficiently without compromising the high standards of quality and value for money we offer.

Copy Color Ltd would welcome any site visit / audit by prior arrangement.