Health & Safety Policy Statement

Copy Color accepts the responsibility for providing a safe environment in which all our people can work. It is our duty to take whatever reasonable measures are necessary for accident and fire prevention and to protect the health, safety and welfare of our employees, customers, contractors, and visitors to our premises.

We will endeavour to ensure that all equipment is safe, and will provide personal protection if necessary.

So far as is reasonably practicable we will also ensure that our people are given whatever training is necessary to understand the equipment they work with and to be aware of any potential dangers.

Information will be provided to employees about particular hazards or dangerous substances related to their jobs.

Most accidents can be avoided by using a little common sense. Any accident which causes injury results in unnecessary suffering for the victim and inconvenience and expense for the organisation.

All accidents should be recorded in the Accident Book – ask your manager for its location.

We can only make our safety policy work with the full co-operation and understanding of all our employees. We all need to ensure we carry out our work in a safe manner.

You, as an individual, have responsibilities under the Health and Safety at Work Act. You should report any source of danger such as faulty equipment to your manager. You must carry out all Health and Safety instructions that may affect you, your colleagues, or the public. Failure to do so may result in disciplinary action – or even prosecution.

All matters affecting health, safety and welfare are kept under constant review.

Our policy will be reviewed when necessary in the light of experience, changes in legislation, and whenever the business grows or changes.

Safety information

The fire regulations and evacuation procedures are displayed on the notice board – it is your responsibility to ensure you know what to do in the event of a fire.

  • Regular fire drills are held under the direction of the Health and Safety Co-ordinator
  • We have trained First Aid personnel, and their names are listed on the notice boards. Please ensure you know who is responsible for First Aid.
  • Fire exits must be kept clear at all times and fire extinguishers must always be easily accessible
  • Always ask a colleague for assistance before attempting to lift heavy objects
  • Always observe the “no smoking” policy
  • Report any damaged or defective equipment to the Health and Safety Co-ordinator immediately

Organisation and responsibilitiesHealth and Safety Co-ordinator

The Health and Safety Co-ordinator is responsible for:

The maintenance of safety records, investigation of accidents, providing accident statistics, and keeping a watching brief in changing safety legislation. Full investigation of accidents will be carried out by the Health and Safety Co-ordinator under the direction of the appropriate manager with a view to the prevention of future occurrences.

  • Ensuring our obligations in respect of assessment, control and monitoring of hazardous substances are met.
  • Ensuring that our obligations in respect of assessment, control and monitoring of the workplace, work equipment, manual handling operations, personal protective equipment and display screen equipment are met.
  • Ensuring the appropriate number of First Aid personnel and Fire wardens are “in post” and fully trained.
  • Ensuring all remote workers have a Health and Safety checklist, and that their equipment and location receive an annual inspection by the Health and Safety

Co-ordinator or his/her representative.

Management team

The Managing Director is responsible for:

All accidents that occur in the workplace must be recorded, using an Accident Report form (available from the Health and Safety Co-ordinator). Copies should be completed immediately and returned to the Health and Safety Co-ordinator.

  • The overall accident prevention and safety training programme
  • Ensuring that the proper operating practices and procedures to prevent injury, are adhered to and encouraged.
  • Ensuring that all the management team are aware of their roles and responsibilities in all safety matters.

Each manager will:

Ensure that each new employee is given induction training which includes the precautions and procedures appropriate to his/her specific job and ensure that all new employees are shown the location of first aid boxes, fire exits and fire fighting equipment and are introduced to the Health and Safety Co-ordinator, first aid personnel and fire wardens.

  • Keep up to date with Health and Safety matters applicable to our operation
  • Review the Health and Safety policy periodically and ensure that safety checks have been carried out.
  • Ensure that all members of their team are aware of their roles and responsibilities in all matters of safety, welfare and fire evacuation procedures.

All employees:

All employees have a responsibility to do everything they can to prevent injury to themselves, their fellow employees and others affected by their actions or omissions at work.

They are expected to:

  • Ensure they are aware of all their responsibilities regarding Health and Safety
  • Follow the organisation’s procedures, in particular those involving the reporting of incidents, which have, or may have led, to injury or damage.
  • Ensure that they are fully trained in the use of all equipment that is relevant to their job.
  • Inform their manager or the Health and Safety Co-ordinator of any serious or imminent danger and report any shortcomings that they see in the safety arrangements.
  • Report all injuries and seek first aid treatment where appropriate
  • Follow safe workings practices and not remove or alter any safety devices on equipment
  • Seek guidance from the Health and Safety Co-ordinator if they are in any doubt concerning any Health and Safety issue